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On Wed, Dec20, 2017 10:16am America/Phoenix
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The scene opens with Jarvis Valentine walking through the hallways of Lincoln Journal Star. He is wearing a nice suit with a Nebraska logo pin on the top left collar of the suit. You can see a bandage on his forehead which looks like there is Stitches underneath. He turns a corner and opens the immediate door on his right. 

As he walks un you can see three other people setting at a big rectangle table. Jarvis walks towards them as they stand up to greet him by shaking hands. After the third person they all sit down. Jarvis opposite of the three. All three of them have tape recorders and a notepad n frint of them. 

Jarvis: Ok Dave, I have a lot to cover with Frost winning AP Coach of the year. 

Dave: What do you think he is going to say about your stitches?

Jarvis chuckles while shaking his head.
Jarvis: Thatís not a question is it Dave? 

Dave: HaHa, no. 

Jarvis grins and makes a motion to proceed.

Dave: We are use to hearing from you over the radio and reading your columns,but now today the roe is reversed. This weekend you debuted as a pro wrestler at WWX. Not many people knew you were a wrestler. How has he fan response been?

Jarvis: Itís been great. loving every minute of it. Not only here in Nebraska but around the globe. Itís been a very warm welcome by all.

Dave: What was it like to have your first match?

Jarvis: Oh man, it was great. It didn't last too long but I got out with the W. What made it great was there was a fan that i met earlier in the week was there. I was able to give both him and his father tickets to the event. I was was also able to take him backstage. It was a great first night.

Dave: Now i see looking at my notes your second match will be in el paso texas and it is againstÖ.Super Bacon...if that is correct?

Jarvis: That's correct dave. And to be honest he is pretty good in the ring. Just recently hw defeated the champ...but then again...see how it was done, nevertheless, he beat him. I just know that im excited to get in that ring with him and compete. I know he has his own things going on and so do i, but this is a great way going into the ppv. If i can get a win this week it might lead to good stuff. But for now i am concentrated on Super Bacon and my next match.

My goal is to get to the top and win that main title, but of course that w8ll take some time. My journey started last week with a win so i hope i can keep the momentum on my side and get another win against super bacon. 

Jarvis grabs the glass of water that is in front of him and takes a sip before setting it back down, 

Dave: Well all of us here at Lincoln Journal Star are behind you and we will be watching for sure. 

Jarvis: Thanks Dave. It's going to be a fun time and a exciting time. Just wait and see the future. Diffentoy some exciting times!!

Dave smiles and nods his head before they all get up and shake hands once again. Jarvis turns and walks back through the door he came in out to the hallway. He turns to his right before meeting a old man walking down the hallway. Jarvis stops and shakes his hand:

Jarvis: Hello Boss, how are we today?

Boss: Doing great thanks..

Both of them smile and stop shaking hands. Jarvis starts to proceed to where he was headed but is stopped by the boss.

Boss: Listen Jarvis, I know wrestling is a passion and its great you are doing it, but i just want to let you know, if you do anything to represent you badly, it will look bad on us here as you represent us. So just make sure you mind your pís and qís!

Jarvis nods

Jarvis: Yes sir.

Boss: Good!

The boss smiles and walks away leaving Jarvis standing there staring at the boss as he walks away as the scene fades to black. 

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