Wreckage: A fitting title

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Wreckage: A fitting title
*Scene opens at a training ground designed for World's Strongest Man competitions, several pieces of equipment are in a scattering around the field. The camera moves past a set of Fingal's Fingers, three kegs of varying weights embedded in the dirt near a height gauge and even two refrigerators mounted to a weight bar. The camera crew moves over to a group next to a large staircase, where we see Korath, dressed in shorts and a Norse Muscle tanktop, start up the steps carrying a 182kg (401lb) weight. He drops it at the top and sprints to the bottom as fast as possible then picks up another weighing 227kg (500lb), again he runs to the top and deposits it and again he races to the bottom to pick up a 273kg weight (601lb) and sprinting it to the top. He notices the camera as he makes his way back down the stairs acknowledging them with one hand then jogging over to join them, a serious look upon his face rather than his usually jovial expression.

Korath: "I suppose you are here about my next match."

(off camera): "Of course, you are scheduled to be on Wreckage in a four man match, doesn't say if it's fatal rules or battle royal."

Korath: "Wreckage huh? Been awhile since I was on that show. Got a fitting name too, especially for what I plan to do before and during Armada. My opponents?"

(Off camera): "Xavier Pendragon, Kurtis Ray and Damian Hendrix."

Korath: "Jškla, I was hoping to get ahold of McAllister early, I suppose these three will has to suffice."

Before Korath can say more, a voice from behind him calls.

"Hey Nord it's your time on the stones."

Korath: "Excuse me for a moment."

The cameras follow as Korath, jogs over. He rubs chalk on his hands and arms and gets set to start on the legendary Atlas Stones. A whistle is blown and he picks up the first of the heavy spheres and charges down the lane, easily setting it on its near seven foot pedestal. He continues stone by stone until finally lifting the last, and largest stone to his chest and dropping it into place. As he heads back to the camera he grabs a bottle of water and downs it, tossing the empty plastic into a barrel.

Korath: "Let's start with you Damian, you are the newest man in the match, and from what I've read of you you are like a tiny version of me. You've got an impressive deadlift for such a tiny man and did I read that right in your bio, you are a f****ng savage in the ring. I'm going to have to get you to myself this Wreckage just so I can show you what a true savage looks like, if you can withstand my assault we will have to see if the Human Suplex Machine can lift the Nordic Nightmare. Let me give you a hint of that future Damian, the Norns say no. Now onto...."

Korath stops mid sentence as he is summoned to another of the events, the Giant Log Lift. Korath gets into position but doesn't immediately begin.

Korath: "Got a record for today?"

"Ten reps"

Korath: "Lets make that eleven"

Korath adjusts his stance slighty then lifts the 800lb log over head with a grunt. Setting it back into place he begins to work out the reps to his eleven, setting the log down with a bang he returns to the camera.

Korath: "Kurtis Ray, the Hype Train. You know I've been wanting a chance to face you, its a pity I won't be able to devout my full attention to testing myself against you. Like me you keep the crowds roaring as you crush your opponents, what I do not know is if like me you are willing to fight until you cannot stand, if you are willing to win to matter the cost to you. Come and show me Kurtis, get away from Pendragon or Hendrix and test your strength against the Nordic Nightmare."

He then heads over to another event, where the Husaffel stone rests. Korath wraps his great arms around the oddly shaped stone and lifts it off of the pedestal. He starts down the track at a fast walk, he does this three times before setting the stone back on its pedestal. Then as he walks back to the camera a slight grin appears on his face.

"Xavier, I saved you for last because I had to think for a moment, why are you in this match and the like. It finally just hit me, you pissed off Ranger last Ravage. Why else would he throw someone old enough to have sired the youngest wrestlers on the roster in a match with two of the heaviest hitters and a self proclaimed savage. If I am not mistaken the last time we fought the match ended in a draw due to count out did it not? Rest assured Pendragon, this time the results will be much different, this time you will fall to Korath."

He pauses for a moment working the growing stiffness out of his shoulders.

Korath: "Kurtis, Xavier, Damian you three will enter the ring at Wreckage and you will face the living engine of destruction called Korath, win or lose the damage I deal out will be just an appetizer for what I plan to bring to the Infernal Asylum at Armada, but before that The Red Wolf of Kiruna will devour you all like a full course meal."

*Korath turns and walks towards a nearby locker room, stopping just inside the doorway he grips the frame and squeezes, his heavily corded arms bulge from the effort before he lets go, giving a short laugh when he sees what he managed to do. the camera zooms in to see the imprints of Korath's fingers embedded a half inch into the wood. the scene fades soon after, the Nordic Nightmare logo appearing where that great feat of strength took place.

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