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On Wed, May30, 2018 9:03pm America/Phoenix
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[Fade in]
(The scene opens in a dark room, the only visible is a single hanging light loosely holding on to its connection to the ceiling. The camera is angled up from the floor directed at the corner of the room. The light is beginning to fade and flicker, and occasionally swings back and forth slowly over a small bathroom stall. The walls are bare, and the floor is old concrete, which is beginning to crack. I stood in front of a cracked mirror inside a run down bathroom, staring back at my masked reflection with both hands clasping the sides of the once white and now dust colored square shaped ceramic sink. Cracks run down the stained white walls, paint chips missing from the ceiling.  My gym bag lays idol on the floor as i reach down into the side pocket pulling out a shiny green apple; rubbing it against the sleeve of my black adidas wind-breaker. i take a bite into it, winking at myself in the mirror at the same time. Confidence has never been a problem for me. I am ready, willing and more than capable of proving myself..)

What makes a champion? Vanity? Ego? A flashy gold belt with a name on it?  No...what makes a champion is someone who takes on all challenges head on, and isnít intimidated by any obstacles.  The warrior who backs down from nothing...the face without fear. THAT is what makes a champion and a champion is more than a desire, it is what i am destined to be.
On Fury nine men and two women will step into a WWX ring and compete in one of the most extreme matches in recent memory. A hardcore, falls count anywhere, elimination. Eleven hand selected invididuals all vying for one prize, the WWX Hardcore Title in what promises to be one momentus, spectacular and exciting night of wrestling action. This match can shorten lives and end careers. The only thing certain is that no body will walk out in the same condition as we enter Bloodshed..

Only the strong will survive on this night and move on to greater things, while the Less fortunate will move down the ladder to fight another day, but for me? Success is a must and  the will to win is too strong inside of me to let this opportunity slip from my grasp.. This is my fork in the road. Winning this match means that i have finally arrived on the big stage and failure, is not an option. 

There's a fine line between confidence, arrogance and ignorance. Some have blurred those lines managing to allow ego to get the best of their pride in doing so, with a preconceived opinion of what will happen. That it's a cinch, a sure thing and assume this match is already a foregone conclusion. Overlooking and underestimating this level of competition will prove to be a mistake that all will soon regret..  Everyone wants to treat DragonFly as an after thought, never fully recognizing my abilities or realizing the true skill required to compete against the very best WWX as to offer.. that's all going to change when i prove all the nah-sayers and doubters wrong by walking out with the Hardcore Championship title wrapped securely around my waist. 

[The rusty hinges squeaks from the heavy duty metal bathroom door as it is pulled open and the sillouette of an unfamiliar figure appears inside the doors threshold.]

"It's time."  (A voice calls out in a gritty tone..)
[I stare through the reflection of the spider webbed broken mirror then give a simple nod. Splashing murky water on my face, i look myself into my neon yellow eyes through the mirror.]

 "Let's do this."

[Fade out]

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