WWX House of Horrors

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On Mon, Oct30, 2017 1:41pm America/Phoenix
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WWX House of Horrors
This Match will take place in a Large Four Story Haunted House. But the Superstars will earn the right to even enter this house. As one of them will be buried alive in the Yard before the others can enter the Cellar and begin their battle to the top of the house for the WWX Title.

From there they will go floor by floor, each level one will be Eliminated before the next floor opens to them. The last Two Survivors will battle at the top of the House for the World Championship and the Glory that comes with it.

[The Outcome of this Match will be based on Rps alone. I ask you to each Email me at M_baird@ymail.com any weapons or Items you would like to bring to the match. SO I can add them in for flavor. Doesn't effect Outcome. Also send any other questions comments, Ideas or concerns. I hope the match turns out awesome. Good luck to all.]


So the man that's buried alive is the first eliminated right? ~ Primus

Wow should be a good read. will be extremely intense! ~ TommyLipton

No strats for this match, then? ~ Syndicate

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