WWX in Retrospect: Annual Review and Heads Up

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On Mon, Jan01, 2018 10:46am America/Phoenix
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WWX in Retrospect: Annual Review and Heads Up
Good Morning and Happy New Year from California!

First and foremost, thanks for staying in your seats during the turbulent year. Its not something to be proud of, but the ship that is WWX will continue to sail and i am thankful for that. There's some things that have to be addressed going forward.

Rules and Guidelines:

They are there for a reason. Following them ensures you getting noticed correctly and in the positive light. I have no patience or time for anyone not following those rules when others are doing just that and are progressing nicely. If you somehow cannot fathom what the rules are, ask me.


Some are here to learn, others to reach the top of the mountain, others just for fun. Its difficult by any stretch to appease those who want the "ring". Keep in mind the system i have in place for the last few months. Its tied directly to your efforts for those looking to be a world champion while skipping the other titles. The fed has a consistent problem of people coming and going strictly because they don't like how they're booked. You gotta meet the requirements that would be expected of a real wrestling company looking at someone to get to that point. 

The video i posted on the facebook group of NJPW view on Championship should be an indicator of the style of booking i am doing. Overall its to get you guys to be better at this and have fun. 

We're officially switching to a weekly schedule. With that, PPVs are now on a monthly schedule, so expect storylines and booking overall to reflect that.

Again, the segments i place on the cards are meant to improve your ability to write a segment. If i don't place anything on the card for segments, it is up to you guys to come up with a segment for the week that is meant to push your character forward. The angles don't happen overnight and im not creating all of them for yall lol 


You are getting burnt out, speak up. If there is multiple reasons behind your burnout, let me know. I could have done something or could have provided assistance where needed. If it was something that was happening in real life. Let me know immediately, the fed is not going anywhere. 


Eventually, cause due to time restraints, i have been progressing slowly on getting WWX a new site and overall improving the system it runs under. This also means i will eventually need match writers to assist in bringing the shows to their fullest quality possible. Also, word of mouth for the fed is appreciated and dropping "ads" about us helps greatly. Appreciate all of you that helped on this.


Join the server so that you can catch the shows as they're happening. I prebook as i write the shows and seeing that on Discord is the best way for you guys to get in on it.

Otherwise, looking forward to writing Holiday Hell, Crusade Cup is a big chance for all of you looking to make a mark, be nice to get other feds invovled in our cup but im not expecting any to provide you guys a challenge :P 

Have fun and catch up with yall later.


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