WWX Is A Gold Mine

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, May17, 2017 12:53am America/Phoenix
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WWX Is A Gold Mine
[Tom Black is standing within a dark, dank industrial gold mine. There are many excavation machines digging the gold out of the walls. The Dark One looks like he's at home. He speaks at the top of his voice to be heard over the rumbling of the drills.]

Tom Black: I am currently standing inside a gold mine. This is just like WWX because for me, the fed is the mine, and I am the digger, these excavation machines are just like me, they can pull out the gold with ease. I am here to take tips from these men, not to dig out gold, but to rip it from the arms of the champs. These champions, Tommy Liptom and Rex McAllister, are like the walls, very strong and ancient, they have kept their gold for a very long time, until someone comes and drills it out of them, it may take a long time but in the end the machine will prevail. I am the machine, I am the Dark One.

[He walks over to the colossal drill and leans on it.]

Tom Black: this gold mine is illuminated at the moment, but later on the lights will go out, plunging the cavern into darkness. That is what I plan to do. Mayhem, as I said earlier, WWX is the cave, and when Tom Black comes into the mix, WWZ is plunged into darkness. 

[He looks around for a second, inquisitively staring at the darkness. He has a strange glint in his eye.

Tom Black: So, Tommy Lipton, McAllister, how about we make this simple, the easy way is this, you willingly lie down and let me pin you for the championship, or the hard way, I will rip it from you. First I will tear apart the newbie King Richard, then I will come on you. Be advised, you are my main concern.

[He takes a stroll towards the next machine and flicks the switch inside the tanker to turn off the noise, he is no longer yelling, but speaking in a cool, collected tone.]

Tom Black: Now I can speak to you normally, I just wanted to say, I am not here to win, I am here to destroy, and any sunglasses wearing, title winning champ gets in my way, I will not hesitate to eliminate you. I am The Dark One you are not, it's a plain fact. This gold mine of a wrestling brand  is my heaven and I am the miner. I am going to chip away the very foundations of the champions until 
I take it from them. And if anyone says I can't there'll be trouble.

[Tom twitches his neck again as if he was having some sort of vivid flashback.]

Tom Black: But enough of the talking, I have some gold to dig.

[He hops into a machine as the screen fades to black.]

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