WWX is in Outrage!!

Roleplay Roleplay by MR. TERRY
On Mon, Jun05, 2017 8:51am America/Phoenix
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WWX is in Outrage!!
[The camera pans up to an office, you can see a long desk with wheelie chairs, there are many people sat in them. At the head of the table there is a man you've never seen before in a yellow jacket, he has a jolly yet angry look on his aged face.]

???: Thank you evreyone for coming to this meeting, so lets get down to the plans for W,W,X...

Generic Employee: Terry, for the last time, you are not in control of WWX!

[The newly named "Terry" stands up and hammers his fists on the table.]

Mr Terry: I am in control of WWX! President Trump said so! And it's MR Terry to you!

[He breathes in an out, calming himself down until he sit's himself in his chair as he carries on with his pointless rant.]

Mr Terry: As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I have many plans for WWX... For one I am asking the current officiator for a place on the latest pay-per-view, Outrage, this is one thing I am going to change, the name, once I gain control...

Generic Employee 2: Bu...

[Mr Terry gives the employee a cold sharp look.]

Generic Employee: Never Mind.

Mr Terry: Good, OK, where was I? Oh yes, Outrage, the name once I gain control, will be changed, because when I'm in charge WWX will not be an outrage. And yes I am demanding a place on Outrage. This is imperative because I believe that my debut should be on the biggest night of the month!

Generic Employee: Yes, as a wrestler.

Mr Terry: No, as a GM!

Generic Employee: No, as a wrestler, let me spell it out,





[Mr Terry is furious, he walks over to the employee]

Mr Terry: You're fired...

[The employee walks out, furious at this insane man who thinks he's in charge of the biggest federation in the area.]

Mr Terry: OK, so about my role in Outrage as an official administrator.

[Everyone in the room yells out,]


[Mr Terry goes red in anger as he bursts out,]


[They happily walk out of the room, Mr Terry is now pacing around the room, he looks upset with himself.]

Mr Terry: Oh yeah, if I fire everyone, there's no one else to boss around and fire... Nevermind, time to get my ass down to WWX HQ...

[Mr Terry walks out of the room leaving it empty for the 30th time this month...]


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