WWX May 2017 Giveaway

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On Fri, May05, 2017 8:15pm America/Phoenix
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WWX May 2017 Giveaway
There will be a Give Away this month. I will do the drawing after posting the May 28th Mayhem show. Anyone who was in a match and Roleplayed for their match will be in the Giveaway. This includes Ravage or Mayhem for the month of May. If you haven't been booked yet and want a match so you can be entered. Email me at M_baird@ymail.com

The Prize will be a WWE 3 Month Network Card. If you win I will give you the Code from the Card. This will allow us to avoid shipping and anyone from around the world to win. In the future I might do some Steam Gift Cards or others like Amazon where they can be done online.

Also if you have had multiple Characters wrestle and Roleplay this month please Email and let me know. Each handler will only get one entry, if you try to cheat and are caught, you will be banned from future contests, entries or possibly worse.

So any questions, comments, if you have Multiple characters or wish to be booked with a character so you can enter. Please Email me at M_baird@ymail.com


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