WWX Weekly Wrap Up (w/Terry Jackson)

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On Fri, Nov10, 2017 8:39am America/Phoenix
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WWX Weekly Wrap Up (w/Terry Jackson)
TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my WWX Weekly Wrap Up podcast. I'm your host Terry "TJ" Jackson and boy, what a Hall of Pain we had. 

Terry shifts some papers around before he cotinues with his thoughts.

TJ: Starting with our opening bout between Emily Hashtag and Kailee. Hashtag came into the match strong but Kailee's experience won her the match in the end. Though Kailee has had somewhat of a rough start in the WWX, I sense that we're just getting started in seeing what all Kailee has to offer to the dance and she'l be holding some kind of championship gold before it is all said and done.

A monitor behind Terry comes to life as images of the tag team match are seen.

TJ: Next we have the reunited team of the Empire, consisting of Damian Price and a seemingly revitialized Xavier Pendragon take on Rayne and Fill of When Worlds Collide. The Empire had the advantage early on but Rayne and Fill proved to be too much for the reformed Empire to handle, thus When Worlds Collide advanced in the James Bourne Tag Team Invitational. This would only be th first of two matches that both Rayne and Xavier Pendragon would compete in as they were also part of the ELimination Chamber Race for the Case Match.

The screen then shifts to scenes from the TV Championship Match.

TJ: Our next match has Hex Girl defending the TV title against Luke Jairus and the newcomer Fozzy Osbourne. Going into the match Osbourne had a boost of confidence saying that he would walk out of Hall of Pain as champion but the more experienced Hex Girl has been dominant in the TV division and fans knew that they were in for a match whenever Hex Girl is involved. Though the match itself was a real nail biter, at least for me anyway, it was Osbourne who pinned Jairus, thus becoming the new Television Champion in the process. This would be the first of 3 new champions being crowned at Hall of Pain...

Scenes of the House of Horrors match appear with all 5 participants duking it out on the first level.

TJ: There was a lot riding on the line in this match. Darkness was defending the title against not only the former Champ Syndicate, but also the World Series Winner Korath and the former Tag Team Champions Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton who vacated the tag titles to find themselves in the title picture. Level by level, a terrible fate awaited the person who didn't mke it to the next level and one by one, superstars were eliminated until surprisingly Syndicate and McAllister (If I remember correctly) were the only two who made it to the top floor where the Undisputed title awaited the winner.

Scene shifts to the International title match between Bob Mellon and Jester.

TJ: Jester defended the International title against Bob Mellon in a rivaly that spanned over the course of maybe a decade or so. These two really didn't leave much of anything in the match except for pure hatred for each other. After Bob Mellon's loss to Xavier Pendragon, something had lit a fire inide Mellon and he came into the match almost with a crazed look in his eye. Whtever it was, it was able to carry him into the win as Mellon pinned Jester to become the new International Champion.

Scene then shifts over to the Elimination Chamber Race for the Case.

TJ: Both Rayne and Xavier Pendragon had fought earlier in the evening in the tag team invitational in which Rayne and Fill advanced. Fill was looking to add the Race for the Case on his list as well. Both Rayne and Xavier Pendragon literally went to war on social media about which one of them would emerge with the case. Not to count out the other competitors in the match. Super Bacon, Krimzon Blaze, Jake Divine and Kurtis Ray all had something to prove in this match along with Rayne and Pendragon. With all of the talent that was in this match, it was really hard to call who was walking out with the case. In the end Xavier shocked the world when he pinned his former tag team partner Kurtis Ray to win the case. With the case in hand, Xavier can cash in on any champion a anytime, anywhere. One can only guess as to which championship Xavier could go after.

Scene shifts once again to the House of Horrors match.

TJ: Syndicate was out to regain the title he felt that he was screwed out of by Darkness at World Series and now with Darkness lost on the lower levels, he had a chance to do just that but McAllister was blocking his path. These two battled immensely to determine who would come out on top. McAllister unfortunately fell all the way down to the first level of the house of horrors, allowing Syndicate to reach for the stars...and the WWX Undisputed title in the process. With 3 new champions and a new Race for the Case winner, will we hear from the new champions? And what about the former champions? Will they invoke their rematch clause? Sarah Jackson will bring you her weekly wrap up show after the conclusion of Ravage this upcoming week. This is Terry "TJ" Jackson, signing off

scene fades

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