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World Wrestling Champion

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Ethan Cavanaugh [Ravage]

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Dominic Angel [Ravage] and Luca Tyler [Ravage]

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DWA [Ravage]

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WWX Recent News

Heartbreak at Outrage

Jul 3 - Fans left the Conseco Fieldhouse in shock and anger after Outrage where Julia McTiernan stripped Adora Cruz of her recently won World Championship due to charges of drug and steroid abuse. This topped off a night where the Renegades, Jack Nife and Big Rigg, as well as the International Champion Ethan Cavanaugh joined forces with McTiernan. Now, without a World Champion and with both shows heading to one of the top PPVs of the year, who will step up to claim the biggest prize in our industry? And is Adora Cruz guilty of McTiernan's charges?

DMM - Career at a Dead End?

Jul 3 - Dontel Marvelous Myers, aka DMM, is suffering a neck injury and he is going to have to undergo surgery, and the doctors have stated that this maybe the end of DMM's career. World Wrestling Xistence wishes him the best at this difficult time...

Site News

Jun 30 - WWX Owner Josh Tam here. The site will undergo some changes every week. I will be adding new features, hopefully, and also arranging the layouts and tweaking some stuff to make more info accessible.

If possible, I will also try to come up with a TV show viewer, a simple program where you can read cards segment by segment, and get the feeling of "watching" the show.

For now, we got a new domain name which is wwxonline.com and I believe it can get us more visitors and more hits. But you should be seeing a banner on top. That is "courtesy" of free hosting. But once the hosting provider proves to be stable, I will switch to paid hosting and have it removed.

To all WWX players and writers, you guys are doing great. Keep it up.

Breaking News

The Artist Ardnand Meyers killed in tragic fire in Soho.
Rest in Peace Damon Troutman


WWXC Broadcast

In future, broadcast from the World Wrestling Xistence Connection [WWXC], our Fantasy TV station, will be aired here.

World Wrestling Xistence - About the WWX efed

We are the WWX, the World Wrestling Xistence. An Internet EMAIL E-FED powered by Yahoo Groups, WWX Efed - World Wrestling Xistence - wwxonline.combased on not only roleplays but also storylines and strategies.

If you are looking for an email efed, you`ve FOUND it! We are not a forum based e-fed. Check out the brands, rules and system by reading the Guide. When you are ready, feel free to join us for FREE of course.

Ready to be a part of the World Wrestling Xistence? Decide on a TV show to join and then fill in the application:
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WWX Fury

Fury has officially lost all championships to Ravage superstars... But the challenge begins here. Ms. Julia McTiernan stripped the WWX World Wrestling Champion Adora Cruz of the title and therefore, Fury superstars now have the chance to bring the federation's most prized possession back to WWXC broadcast of every Friday nights on Fury!

WWX Ravage

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