WWX Championships

A Championship is the most prized possession of any wrestler. Having a titlebelt on the shoulder or around the waist denotes success, achievement, pride and glory. It means that the wrestler has bested all others in his league and is standing tall. Here, you can find a list of WWX Championships from the past and present.

Active Championships

World Wrestling Championship
World Wrestling Championship Singles Title
The highest ranking title of the WWX, reserved for the absolute best of the best.
Hardcore Championship
Hardcore Championship Singles Title
The Hardcore Championship was created by Josh Tam during the IWA era and was held by the first ever champion Eastsida who won it via the King of Hardcore tournament. Over the years, the Hardcore Championship has made appearances on WWX programming with Sugoi serving as the last champion. The Hardcore Championship is defended 24/7 with Hardcore Rules in effect at all times.

Retired Championships

IWA World Championship
IWA World Championship Singles Title
The World championship of the IWA, the federation that preceded the WWX. This title was held by the legendary greats such as Jared Grimm, Bob Mellon, Falcon, Raider Mask and The Living Highlight. This prestigious championship belt represents the best, those who have reached the pinnacle of the company and is its representative in the wrestling business.
WWX Championship
WWX Championship Singles Title
Also known as the World Wrestling Xistence Heavyweight Championship, this is the most prestigious title of the WWX.
Global Heavyweight Championship
Global Heavyweight Championship Singles Title
This is the highest ranking title of the heavyweights. created by Jonius Tam, cousin of WWX Founder Josh Tam. The Global Champion as stated by Mayhem GM Steve Cuthbert can make the stipulation for the hardcore championship matches whenever they are defended.
Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship
Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship Singles Title
The best wrestler representing the company, deem the superior wrestler in ability inside and outside the ring, the locker room, and in the public eye.
International Championship
International Championship Singles Title
The secondary title in the WWX. The International Championship has been proven historically to be one of the most cherished prizes in the company. Brand: Ravage
North American Championship
North American Championship Singles Title
The WWX North American Heavyweight Championship. Created by Ethan Taylor during his reign as CEO of the WWX in Duncan McIver's absence. Represents the pride and strength of wrestlers representing the Western Hemisphere. Retired by Gunnar Granderson after defeating David GS. Reinstated by Fury GM Jeremiah Stevenson at Hall of Pain. Phelen Kell would win the North American Championship at Hall of Pain during the Race for the Case Match (10-31-16).
Television Championship
Television Championship Singles Title
The WWX Television Championship is the most decorated championship, as the champion would be recognized as the most publicized performer on TV besides the World Champion. The Television Champion appears every week showcasing their talents.
Triple A Championship
Triple A Championship Singles Title
A championship where the winner gets to determine his/her title defense at anytime, anyplace and anyhow. Exclusive for the more extreme athletes in the company.
Legends Tag Team Championship
Legends Tag Team Championship Tag Team Title
Legends Tag Team
WWX World Tag Team Championship
WWX World Tag Team Championship Tag Team Title
The WWX World Tag Team Championship - the titles that represent the best and most Dominant Tag Team in the World Wrestling Xistence. Friends and Foes alike have held these belt to show that teamwork is possible to ensure a long reign. (Must Roleplay and Strategize To Win)
Xtreme Championship
Xtreme Championship Singles Title
The WWX Xtreme Championship was created by Duncan McIver sometime after the Hardcore Championship was ended. After a six year hiatus, the Xtreme Championship has returned to the WWX. The championship is defended anytime and anywhere via pinfall or submission, as long as a referee is available. (Must Strategize To Win)
Womens Championship
Womens Championship Singles Title
A championship for female performers. Being champion means being the best woman wrestler.
WWX Conquest Championship
WWX Conquest Championship Singles Title
The WWX Conquest Championship is the title held by best up and coming rookie in the WWX. Holding this means you have a grasp of what it takes to make it and able to hold your own against even the most seasoned of rookies. Brand: Mayhem
Crusade Cup Championship
Crusade Cup Championship Singles Title
Created by James Ranger and his desire to always hold a championship, the Crusade Championship Cup is defended once a year in a tournament to test the skills of those who are worthy of being the best. The winner of the match is granted a world title match.
Race For The Case Championship
Race For The Case Championship Singles Title
Once a year, six to eight individuals compete in a ladder match to obtain the case that guarantees a championship title-shot at ANY championship in the federation AT ANYTIME.
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