WWX Shows

The World Wrestling Xistence holds weekly shows and monthly Pay-Per-View shows. These shows are the times for wrestlers to prove their skills and abilities in the ring, on the stage and with the mic!

Television Shows

Ravage TV Show Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!
Wreckage TV Show A Show to feature veterans and introduce new superstars to the eXistence on Wednesday Nights.

Pay-Per-View Shows

Holiday Hell
Holiday Hell January PPV Show January PPV
When the holiday season becomes the time of punishment, Holiday Hell is born!
Aftershock February PPV Show February PPV
The Superstars and the entire eXistence wait in anticipation as the matches unfold. In the end, we will all find out, the victors after the Aftershock.
Armada March PPV Show March PPV
The time when the forces of the wwX combine to battle for glory and dominance - ARMADA!
Deadlock April PPV Show April PPV
On this night, the WWX superstars are willing to do whatever it takes to break the deadlock to achieve victory and claim prestige and glory!
Bloodshed May PPV Show May PPV
The only way the night will be over is when blood spills. Get ready for Bloodshed!
Outrage June PPV Show June PPV
Sometimes, fighting for your goals with all you have got is not enough. There are certain times when the only way to win is to burst into an outrage!
World Series
World Series July PPV Show July PPV
With 4 rings, an open arena and multiples of wrestlers, superstars battle their way to claim all the gold that is at stake!
Coliseum August PPV Show August PPV
The coliseum is ready. The ring is set. The superstars enter. Only one will be left standing in the end.
Two Front War
Two Front War September PPV Show September PPV
The existence will always undergo serious alterations every year, because in September, there is a war in the WWX : Two Front War!
Hall Of Pain
Hall Of Pain October PPV Show October PPV
All the glory, all the suffering, from the days of the defeats and the days of the victories. The Universal Energy will converge, and merge. Every year, only one hall will ring with the groans, the shouts and the cheers of the entire eXistence. And that hall is the WWX Hall of Pain.
Phase Out
Phase Out November PPV Show November PPV
The night when the WWX Superstars battle to protect their pride and to obtain glory, To ensure success and to inflict agony, Once the night ends and the announcers start to shout, We will know who will win and who will Phase Out...
Final Countdown
Final Countdown December PPV Show December PPV
As the clock ticks, we move closer to the new year. Closer to the time when the truth will finally be revealed. At Final Countdown, we will finally know who is the best in the World Wrestling Xistence.
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