WWX Superstars

WWX Superstars

WWX Players create superstars that consist of wrestlers, managers, administrators or broadcast crew. These superstars are the imaginary core that run the imaginary wrestling federation of the WWX. Here, you can find the list of WWX Superstars. To view all past and present superstars visit the All WWX Superstars Page.

The WWX Superstars

Airen Frost
Chris Dangerously
Gary Tinordi
Gimmick Jones
James Chevalier
Kurtis Ray
Matt Glazebrook
Rex McAllister
Xander Adams

WWX Managers

Broadcast Crew

Brett Zayne
Gary Lane
Leon Jones
Mike Hart

WWX Administrators

Tommy Lipton

Tag Team
WWX Administrator
Broadcast Crew
Championship Belt
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