Yeah... I'm THAT GUY!!

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 4:16pm America/Phoenix
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Yeah... I'm THAT GUY!!
We open up to a shot of a WWX Hall Of Pain banner, a elaborate backstage interview set up. The camera slowly zooms out to see Leon Jones standing there in a suit and tie ready to conduct an interview. With a smile on his face and a mic in his hand he begins.

LEON JONES- Ladies and gentlemen we are backstage LIVE from the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia at WWX Hall Of Pain 2017.......(interrupted)

Fozzy Ozbourne comes walking into camera view wearing his entrance attire consisting of his leopard print fur coat, black leather pants and oversized white framed sunglasses. Fozzy grabs the mic from Leon with one hand and with the other hand pushes him out of the shot.

FOZZY- Get outta here jerky, you're not needed for this.

Fozzy adjusts his fur coat and fixes his hair slightly pouting his lips like a prima donna, totally playing up the angle. He signals for the camera guy to start rolling. The prima donna act fades quickly and a menacing smile follows.

FOZZY- Silly girl........ I seem to have hit a nerve with you. Maybe the ugly truth has smacked you right in the face and left a bitter taste in your mouth. Sounds like a bunch of envy and jealousy hidden behind a wall of sarcasm. It sounds like a defeated little girl trying so desperately to sound tough. The way you're making it sound like I'm a 7 foot monster and you're going to play that comfortable role of underdog. Well I'm no giant and you're no underdog. Under achiever? Maybe. Underdeveloped? Yes. Overrated? Most definitely but underdog you are not. I mean you're the champion, right? You seem to think you have me beat. Even going as far as comparing me with the other superstars in this division.

Fozzy laughs out loud.

FOZZY- Hex Girl. You and the rest of this division are going to find out quickly that I'm not playing around here. I'm dead set on doing exactly what I said I'm going to do. Superstar by superstar division by division title by title I will conquer them all. Their is no point in repeating myself I'm sure every Tom Dick and Harry with a pair of tights says the same thing. I hear you whining about working through injuries and having to defend your title. Well so what, that's what you signed up for and I don't think you can handle it anymore. I never really thought you could. The writing is on the wall, each one of your wins you just barely get by. You wanna talk about Captain Kangaroo? You're the f*cking cartoon here training with ninjas wearing those ridiculous cat ears. Every boring training promo after promo. WE ALL GET IT!!! You train, so do I, so does everyone. It's just kind of implied with our profession. Although I'll give you some credit for World Series you gave it the ol' college try and put on a good show. But that's where the praise ends. Quite frankly I'd rather hear crickets than hear from your stupid ass again.

Fozzy flails his fingers and hands towards the camera for a second almost dropping the mic.

FOZZY- There's no magic tricks here no smoke and mirrors, what you see is what you get and what stands before you is a seasoned vet, someone who is hungry for some gold around his waist. Every once in awhile somebody will come along and knock you off your pedestal, it happens to everyone. Well.. I hate to break it to ya but I'm THAT GUY! I'm that guy who is going to make you eat your words over the last couple months. I'm that guy outta nowhere who is going to take that title from you. I'm that guy who is going to expose you as the weak ass champion and pretender to the Television Title. Yeah I'm THAT GUY! I see the look in your eyes Hexy, FEAR!!!! You fear everything I've said is true. I'm better than you and you know it to be true. At Hall Of Pain I prove my point. At Hall Of Pain I become WWX Television Champion.

Fozzy smirks then raises his arm up and drops the mic and walks off set.


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