Years in the Making

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Mon, Mar26, 2018 2:30pm America/Phoenix
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Years in the Making


*Static crackles throughout the screen before transitioning to a completely pitch-black screen.  The only sound that can be heard is the soft pitter-patter of footsteps on what sounds like concrete.  After a few moments, the footsteps stop, and a voice rings out.*

???: The Cow Palace.

*A few lights from above come alive, illuminating the inside of an empty Cow Palace outside of San Francisco, California.  The seats are completely unfilled, and besides a few maintenance trucks, the arena is barren.*


*The camera slowly pans down to reveal the profile of the Los Angeles Outlaw, Syndicate, who is standing in the middle of the floor with a smirk on his face.  He is dressed in a gray Tapout muscle shirt, Old Navy blue jeans, metal right knee brace, and black Nike sneakers.  Syndicate holds the World Tag Team Championship over his left shoulder as he stares into the camera, ready to speak.*

Syndicate: 1,639 days ago, Tommy Lipton and I faced off in this very arena in my first match with the WWX.  On that day, in front of a sold-out crowd here at the Cow Palace, the world watched as a cocky son-of-a-bitch shockingly defeated "Mr. WWX" himself.  And ever since that day...this company has never been the same.

*He chuckles to himself as he sticks his right hand in his jean pocket.*

Syndicate: Now a lot's changed since then.  I put together a Hall of Fame-worthy career.  General managers have come and gone, as have the guys and gals I've gone up against.  Case in point: Tommy Lipton and I are the only two people from that September 2013 episode of Mayhem that are still with the WWX.  But one thing, one singular thing has stayed the same: Syndicate fighting against Tommy Lipton in an everlasting battle.  1,639 days ago, the war began, and this week on Ravage, that war is going to come to an ugly, bloody conclusion on national television.

Syndicate: See, I don't just want to take the World title back.  Oh, no, that wouldn't be fun enough.  You see, like I said in my last video, I view Tommy |BLEEP|in' Lipton as the POISON that has been killing this company from the inside.  People think he's great, people think he's a great and gracious man, but I, I see things differently.  I see Tommy Lipton for who he truly is: a manipulative, dastardly, conniving piece of shit, and I can't understand why ANYONE would ever want to associate with him.  This week on Ravage, I'm gonna do what others don't have the balls to do, and that's kicking Tommy Lipton's ass all over Seattle until he gets on his knees and BEGS for mercy.

*Getting more frustrated, Syndicate begins to pace back-and-forth.*

Syndicate: Now, I've had a lot of people on Twitter ask me about my knee.  "Is it healed?"  "Are you healthy?"  "Is Syndicate gonna be 100%?"  No, no, and no, but I don't give a flying |BLEEP|.  Why?  Because I'm a fighter.  I'm someone that doesn't give up just because life's been handing me boatloads of lemons.  Instead, I'm gonna make the best damn lemonade this world has ever seen.  My knee may be in pain, and I may have to wear this constrictive-ass brace during the match, but I'm gonna keep on fighting until I physically have nothing left to give because THAT'S WHAT I DO, and a fighter is WHO I AM.

Syndicate: Tommy Lipton is going to be a marked man come Ravage.  Tommy Lipton is going to face an onslaught unlike anything he's ever seen before.  And no matter how much preparation he's put in, he's gonna have to face the TRUTH that he just isn't...good...enough.  He wasn't good enough five years ago, and he's not good enough now.  This week, I'm gonna expose him for the fraud that he his, take his title, and effectively spell the end of his sad career that spanned five years longer than it should have.

*Finally stopping his pacing, Syndicate attempts to calm himself down with a sequence of deep breaths.*

Syndicate: Darkness and I are the kings of the Tag Division, but after Ravage, I'm gonna become the king of the mother|BLEEP|in' world.  In a match five years in the making, the legend of Tommy Lipton is about to come to an extremely-unfortunate the hands of an Outlaw. the Syndicate.

*Smirking once again, Syndicate walks past the camera with an ever-so-slight limp in his right leg.  As he does, the camera fades into static.*



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