You and I (and Cam too)

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On Sat, Jul08, 2017 7:42am America/Phoenix
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You and I (and Cam too)

*Crackling static covers the television screen as the screen switches to a scene from the film, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery".*



*A shorter burst of static ends the scene as the camera cuts to the inside of the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California.  Here, Syndicate is seen walking the concourse of the arena.  He is wearing a black drawstring hoodie with the WWX logo on the front along with blue jeans and black Nike tennis shoes.  Syndicate holds the World title over his left shoulder as he slowly meanders through the concourse, walking towards the camera.*

Syndicate: I love Austin Powers.  In my opinion, the series brought us two of the greatest films ever made - "The Spy Who Shagged Me" doesn't count.

*He snickers.*

Syndicate: Just like Austin and Dr. Evil weren't so different in the end, and I are pretty similar when you think about it.  We're both four-time World Champions.  We're both former International, Triple A, and Television Champions as well.  You are known for innovating the "high flying" style; I'm recognized for being the quintessential all-rounder.  We are both legends in our own right.

*Syndicate pauses.*

Syndicate: But I'm afraid that's where the similarities end.

*He continues to walk closer to the camera as he speaks.*

Syndicate: You were the face of this company years ago - damn near a decade, in my estimations.  You peaked way back then, I'm sorry to say.  You're on the downslope now, and on your way back down to mediocrity, you ran straight into me.  And then...then you find the intestinal fortitude to try and pose a challenge to me.

*The champ laughs.*

Syndicate: Oh, you'll be a challenge...but you're not insurmountable.  I'm not afraid to bleed for my title.  I am willing to do whatever it takes; if I need to blow you the |BLEEP| up with C4, I will.  Hit me with your damn Barbie doll, I dare you.  I'll just get right back up again, just like everything else that I get hit with.  You can't keep down the Los Angeles Outlaw, Krim.  Numerous others have tried...and they've all failed.

Syndicate: You wanna fancy yourself as a "purist"?  Fine.  Go right ahead.  But I'm a, I'm THE champion.  I am THE face of this company, THE greatest in the world, and THE MAN that's going to shove you back down the ladder once again.  Lest you forget, I'm a former Triple A Champion too; don't let yourself think that being one gives you any sort of advantage in the war of blood.  I've done EVERYTHING that this company has to offer in just four short years, and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that you don't ruin it.

*He shakes his head as he continues to walk.*

Syndicate: You're nothing but a nuisance now, Krim.  A fly circling my head.  You might be able to knock me down and take me out...but I'm not gonna stay down for long.  I am the undisputed BEST that the WWX has to offer, and the BEST doesn't lose to has-beens like yourself.  So please, I want you to TRY and hit me with the "Fires Over Del Ray".  Please, TRY and lift me up for the "Mighty Death Pop".  It will give me so much satisfaction to see you inevitably fail.

*He stops as if remembering something.*

Syndicate: Oh my gosh, I completely forgot that Cam was even involved in this match!  Cam, where ya at, boy?  Krim and I are having a nice, free-spirited discussion over here, and you've just |BLEEP|ed off somewhere else.  Did our comments hit you that hard?  Are you having "issues" with your buddies?

*Syndicate resumes walking and smirks.*

Syndicate: Why am I even trying with you anymore, Cam?  Why are you even here?  If anything, your silence is just proving my point.  You're nothing.  You don't belong in this match or this division or anything else close to my title.  You got lucky a few times and now you've flown too close to the sun.  What a |BLEEP|ing joke.

*Syndicate stops and stares directly into the camera.*

Syndicate: On Mayhem, both you and Krim are going to see what it's like to go in the ring with a desperate man.  A man that has everything to lose and nothing to gain.  A man that will stop at NOTHING to retain his title.  This is the man that's defeated the best this company has to offer.  And this will be the man that will STILL be the World Heavyweight Champion after all is said and done.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate walks off past the camera as the feed is eaten up by static.*


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