You Are Believing In Vain

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Fri, Aug11, 2017 2:33am America/Phoenix
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You Are Believing In Vain
[The scene opens to an all black room. A match strikes revealing the dimly lit face of Bishop Polaris, hidden under a white good. He observes the flame.]

Polaris “Blayde Archer, you are like a match. You are very capable of many things. You could light a fire that could burn down an entire city. I pain for you Archer. I am agonized watching a man who could do so much good for himself, the world and Purity wasting his life away in the fleeting pursuits of pleasure. Distracted by bar fights and alcoholic beverages and a stern sense of nationality. You’re rage is so focused on the wrongs committed against your nation. You fail to see the greater injustice caused by sin. Alas, you’re fate is much like the match I hold now. Destined to fade away, serving only to illuminate me. Friday Night, you will be the host of the platform that propels me to the attention me and my message so truly deserve.

For light to exist, we need darkness.”

[The match burns out and the room is once again entirely black. Polaris can be heard chuckling, before striking another match. He extends his arm and lights a candle on the ground in front of him. He is sitting cross legged, and moves from candle to candle slowly igniting a circle around him.]

Polaris “Me. I’m like this match. Spreading it’s light to all who surround it. The fire of these candles will continue to burn as a gift I have given them. I give my light to others, while you selfishly hog yours. 

You said to me, I am one mistake away from a career ending injury
If you don’t believe my Purge won’t snap your neck, you are believing in vain.
You said to me you are a man with no compassion.
If you don’t believe I will do anything, for my mission. To propagate Purity, you are believing in vain.
You said to me how you’re a man with no mercy.
If you believe I ask for the mercy of any but the all mighty, you are believing in vain.

You have no power over me, for I do not like with fear. Lead by the light of the pious I fear no mortal, as I am protected. I don’t care about the success you have seen, or what the Blade Club has accomplished, I look to the immediate. A proprietor of evil, weighed down by a world of hate versus the Patron Saint of Purification. I have God on my side, you have… a damaged liver.”

[Polaris now encompassed by lit candles, he draws back his hood then puts his hands on his knees.]

Polaris “I would love to continue attempting to enlighten you here, but you are not one to consume knowledge without it being beat into them. Come Friday night I will show you the power I truly poses, the Prophet of Purity will show you the way at Fury. Now excuse me while I pray.

[Polaris closes his eyes and tilts his head down zoning out as the camera pans away and suddenly all of the candles simultaneously blow out.]

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