YOU can be a winner in the game of LIFE!

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Sat, Sep15, 2018 11:32am America/Phoenix
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YOU can be a winner in the game of LIFE!
Soundtrack to today's rant? "Game Over" by Lil' Flip. 

Background? Your mom's house. Jk. Let's say.. Famous Rome landmarks.

Location? Tour bus.

Snack food and beverage? Slim Jim beef jerky stick and slurpee Big gulp..

Smell? Fresh fish permeates the air.

Does that cover the five senses? Meh, Close enough..

(Fade in. Gimmick Jones records himself through a camera phone from what appears to be the second floor of a double decker tourism bus. The big vehicle navigates through the tourist traps of Rome as a female tour guide points out the many attractions of the city through a large megaphone. However Gimmick Jones has his eyes on something more, tasteful. Licking his lips while eyeing up the tour guide who now notices his gaze and returns a shy, dimpled smile briefly. )

(The tour bus drives past the Roman Coliseum and pulls to a designated stop.)

Female Tour Guide: The citizens of ancient Rome loved the spectacle of the Colosseumís pits and dens being flung open, setting loose exotic, savage creatures to fight it out.  Rhinoceroses, tigers, lions, leopards, wild boars, elephants, even ostriches were pitted against each other, then later against men in full armour, then against unarmed, condemned criminals and Christian martyrs.  Although the Romans enjoyed the sight of bloodshed in the ensuing slaughter, they did not like the smell of it.  Therefore the Colosseum was suffused with a heady brew of spices and saffron boiled in wine, delivered in jets through a myriad of concealed tubes which pierced the stonework. 

~Gimmick "Renaissance Man" Jones~ 
Pretty elaborate set up for these prehistoric knuckle dragging Neanderthals. Just goes to show, that one should never judge a book by it's cover, unless maybe the book is covered in Judges. That one's a thinker, unlike the so called "competition" booked in this Hardcore Title match. Where are these frauds and phonies anyway? Here's a quarter, buy a CLUE! 


There is GOLD to be won at Coliseum and what are these lame brain losers doing with this opportunity. Squandering it. Pissing it all away. This is the time to prove what you are worth, to show our WWX Universe the full spectrum of the capabilities we possess. These type of match is right down my wheel house, BROTHER! Oh and Jenna? Save a little of that crazy for me, k? 

(Gimmick Jones gives a confident wink and hits the end button on the live video feed.)

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