You Cannot Be Serious

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Fri, Apr18, 2014 12:05pm America/Phoenix
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You Cannot Be Serious
[We open up backstage at the Clan McIver arena, inside The Insurgence locker room.  Euan Milton is alone in the corner of the room, pacing backwards and forwards and on his cell phone.]

Milton: Can you put me through to James Bourne.....


Milton: James Bourne.  Tell him it's Euan Milton.....


Milton: Don't you know who I am?  I'm the guy who pulls in the crowds who pay your wages.  Now, put me through to James Bourne....


Milton: You've just made a massive mistake chump.  Just wait until I find out who you are, you're going to wish you weren't born.

[With that, Milton hangs up the phone and throws it onto the floor in a fit of rage, breaking it up into a number of pieces.  He then turns and faces the camera.]

Milton: Bourne, you can only hide behind your phone monkeys for so long.  Sooner or later, you're going to have to face me.  And I hope you have the answers to my questions.

[He pauses again and stares at the floor, clearly agitated.]

Milton: What on earth are you playing at?  Are you single handedly trying to ruin the wwX?  Mayhem is currently the only show on air and you book the two biggest superstars in the third match of the night?  In a tag team match against four complete nobodies.

Choppa and Charles Nuesky?  Isn't Nuesky a manager?  Are you purposely trying to wind me up?  You've got two of the guys who carried the company in 2013 and you book them against a guy who isn't even a wrestler and his lackey who makes Kevin Paradise look like a Harvard graduate.  Tommy Lipton, who's career The Insurgence virtually ended last year is in the main event and Euan Milton and Willie Steen are taking on a guy in a suit and a moron?

And don't get me started on 'Sport Nation'.  Two guys who didn't even take part in the last show because they failed an ID check.  Failed an ID check?  What does that even mean?

[He starts laughing.]

Milton: So we've got four guys haven't even had a match in the wwX yet and they're put straight in against The Insurgence?  It's like sending lambs to the slaughter.  I don't blame those guys though, I actually feel sorry for them.  My anger is directed directly towards James Bourne.  He's clearly trying to make a fool out of the Insurgence.

[He looks down at the floor before looking back at the camera.]

Milton: And noone makes a fool out of The Insurgence.  Bourne, I'll see you at Mayhem.  And you're going to need more than your midget friends to help you.

Choppa, Nuesky, Sport Nation - I'm sorry but Bourne has set you up here.  He's playing games and unfortunately, you're going to be the fall guys.

[Milton turns around and leaves the locker room.  The scene slowly fades to black.]

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