You got me all wrong....

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Thu, Nov16, 2017 3:28pm America/Phoenix
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You got me all wrong....
[We open to Euan Milton sitting in what looks like a hotel room.  He is sitting on a sofa on the left hand side of the room and has a glass of water in his hand.  He is looking straight down the camera.]

Milton: Xavier, you got me all wrong.  You seem to have the impression that I think I'm going to come out on top in our encounter on Ravage because I think I'm the "great Euan Milton".

[He smiles.]

Milton: The irony of that is that the 2013 Euan Milton would have thought exactly that.  He would have thought that all he had to do was turn up to the arena - probably straight from a bar - ten minutes before the match was due to start, walk to the ring and the victory was his.  No training, no match preparation, nothing.  Just that fact that I was what I perceived to be "the great Euan Milton" would see me through the match and take me to victory.

[He takes a long look out of the hotel room window.]

Milton: That's all in the past.  What you see in front of you now is a totally different beast.  The 2017 Euan Milton is nothing like the 2013 Euan Milton.  I'm not going to sit here and say I'm going to beat you because I'm the "great Euan Milton".  I'm not even going to sit here and say I'm going to beat you.

What I am going to do is work my hardest to find a way to put myself in a position to beat you.  That may or may not be enough but at least I'll be able to tell myself that I did all I could.  I won't go back to my hotel room after the match with another cheap hoe, telling myself that I'd made it and life couldn't get any better, while deep down I knew that I was kidding myself.

Win or lose, I'll be able to go back to my room knowing that I did everything I could to win the match and that I did it the right way.  No baseball bats, no Insurgence, just two competitors going toe to toe in the ring.

[He takes a sip out of the glass of water in his hand.]

Milton: What I suggest you do Xavier is forget all about the old Euan Milton and the preconceptions you have of him and what he's thinking.  That won't help you one little bit.  You are going to be the first man to face the reborn Euan Milton.  A man who is focussed soely on doing it where it matters - inside the ring.  You can try and talk me down, belittle my match preparation and compare me to the rest of the locker room all you want.  These words don't bother me anymore.

In the past I would have let your comments drag me down, make me think of ways to cheapshot you, blindside you.  Not anymore.  Instead, I'm going to use your words as ammunition to make me train harder, make me prepare even better for Ravage.  Try and claim it doesn't bother you all you want Xavier, but you're never going to have faced someone as prepared as I will be come Saturday.  And win or lose, I know I'll be able to shake hands with you after the match knowing I did my best.  Will you be able to do the same?

[He picks up something from the table in front of him.]

Milton: Now if you don't mind, I got a few more videos to watch......

[He turns away from the camera and starts watching a TV in the corner of the room.  The scene soon fades to black.]

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