You Have No Idea

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, May19, 2017 9:35pm America/Phoenix
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You Have No Idea
The scene pans to the backstage area in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan from the locker room of Rex McAllister. Rex is in full ring attire, primed and ready to go for his and Tommy Liptonís Tag Title defense later within the hour. Rex stand front and center in his locker staring a hole into the camera. His expression is calm at the moment as he readies to speak.

Rex McAllister: So tell me Polaris, why is it that you see the world as being broken? The WWX? What's broken about it, Polaris? Do you even know? Or are you just posing as another clergyman, another falsehood idol for the WWX to be intrigued by for a month or two before eventually fading away?

Rex asks rhetorically, only briefly pausing for second to ponder before continuing.

Rex McAllister: I mean, you're quite vague about how you plan to spread purity and sanctity over the WWX. You're pretty vague about quite a bit to be honest. Yes, we understand you need these titles to gain some sort of influence, power, and recognition in this place, but that's all pretty obvious and straightforward from where I stand. That's like the need to drink and eat to survive, it's essential so that you can carry on. We get it. But you don't seem to even understand entirely what you are out to accomplish long term. I mean, you are basically trying to sell the world on this idea that the dark combined with the light equals everlasting tranquility for this place when really that couldn't be any further from the truth, but not like the truth The Rex Master and Mr. WWX are going to drop on you makeshift effigies, but the false kind that makes absolutely no sense at all. You two wouldn't be doing much justice to the Tag Team division as its champions, and that's telling it like it is. Your purpose lacks in longevity...the longevity it takes for this division to survive. You haven't thought this all the way through, and it's very obvious by the way you struggle to sell it.

Rex pauses, looms down a moment and then off to his left seemingly pondering again before continuing.

Rex McAllister: And here I was really thinking, believing that I was doing more good than anything else by trying to educate the uneducated the last time I spoke. Trying to instill some common knowledge on what it took to succeed in this company. Alas, I was wrong...but not in anything that I've expressed. You see, guys, you're the new kiddie core of talent that's come in, and don't get me wrong, you two exhibit some talent, but honestly you are going about your approach to this all wrong. We've seen a few like you in the past, and they thrived for a time, but it was more like a moment...just like you guys will get tonight. You guys get your moment, a moment to stand in the spotlight with a real unified team combining their efforts for a common goal, a moment of glory, a moment of serenity where everything feels just right. But then that's it, then it ends.

Rex pauses to let what he just stated to sink in for a moment

Rex McAllister: You two, and every other makeshift of talent that has come knocking at our door? You're very fortunate, you know that? Six months ago at Final Countdown, I made my glorious return from injury after being dropped on my head by DGS at Hall of Pain. It was during that time that I had declared this place needed fixing, and none other than former GM at the time James Ranger had agreed that myself and Tommy Lipton were the right ones for the job, to fix the mess. To bring this place up to standard as it was in the past, and to save this division. 

Rex McAllister: Trust me, there would be no Pure Darkness, or a Sophisticated Army or a 420, no Happy Fun, or what have tag team division, period. But thanks to us, The Lipton - McAllister tandem, two widely successful competitors individually, who have proved time and again no matter  whether the chips were at their highest or lowest, that have transcended the sport of wrestling. If my partner was to hang them up tomorrow, he would be remembered for everything he did, his time of service here is a reflection of his dedication to the sport, and loyalty to this company. Me? I didn't have to return at Final Countdown. I could've recovered, took one look at this downtrodden cesspool, and decided that I could find a place better than this, one that's thriving. I could've abandoned ship the first chance I got...eons ago. That would've been too easy though.

Rex pauses a moment, using his free hand to stroke his chin, pondering while he holds onto the tag title belt draped over his shoulder opposite.

Rex McAllister: Me and Tommy, we could step right back into the thick of things in that International or World division effortlessly and take what we know to be rightfully ours anytime we see fit, but we don't. Me and Tommy have put our individual agendas aside for the sake of this division, for this company. We are here in this position because we choose to be. We decided to save the division so this company can thrive as a whole on all fronts because we chose to, and we'll continue to until we know that this division can thrive just fine without us. 

Rex nods reassuringly

Rex McAllister: So when I tell you what you're doing now overall isn't going to cut it, like I did yesterday, you should take it to heart. However, I know you won't. I know you will remain steadfast at this point, but as time goes on for you two, and for us? You'll realize I was right as you watch us continue to move forward, thriving as a tandem, setting the example, while you two eventually cave in, implode...whatever, and then decide what you are doing isn't working. Tommy and myself, we've witnessed this throughout our careers up to this point. For every Reverend Slim, or Black Angel, or Zeke Welker there's guys like you. Soon you'll come to understand. You'll come to understand much later in your careers, whether you stick around here or not, what the patterns I spoke of mean as I laid them out for you the last time, and how they apply to you just as much as they would for the next team that may be just beyond the horizons for us. You're little revolution? It's going to falter, meet its first bump in the road. Everything you and Tom have brought up has all been said before, several times in mine and Liptonís respective careers, and yet we still stand here, two of the best pound for pound that has ever graced the sport of professional wrestling. We have proven to stand the test of time...time that you two will never if you donít get your respective foot out of your respective asses. Your folly this week becomes our fortune, as we walk away still the preeminent tandem in wrestling today, and you two walk away forced to swallow your pride and love the taste of every bit of it as you do. I guarantee it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex looks on straight ahead with a hint of a smile, and then shakes his head as he start to slowly walk out of the shot as the scene begins to fade.


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