You Haven't Seen The Best Of Me!

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Sun, Sep17, 2017 10:24am America/Phoenix
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You Haven't Seen The Best Of Me!
[Camera pans around Dublin, focusing on a figure which is leaning against O'Connell Bridge, looking out over the Liffey. She sees the camera man and smiles.]

Kailee: Fáilte go mBaile Átha Cliath! Thats Welcome to Dublin for those of you who dont know. I came over early to do some sight seeing. Ireland is beautiful country and I have enjoyed it so far. But you know I have been training as well. 

[Takes a drink of water and starts to walk towards Trinity College]

Kailee: I have been training with the various schools here in Dublin. But I'm going to be honest I'm not holding my breath on winning. But you know what I'm going to try my damnest. Don't get me wrong, there is some brilliant wrestlers that I will will going toe to toe with. Yes I havent got the best track record against Beatrice or Hex Girl but that doesn't matter, Jairus, Beatrice, Needham, Hex Girl.You Haven't Seen The Best Of Me! At Word Series you will see that I can hang with the best of them.

[The Camera pans over the entrance of Trinity College]

Kailee: I will see you ladies and genterman soon! Slán!!!

[Kailee strolls throw the archway entrance as the Camera fades to black]

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