You Will Be Taken Down

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, Dec13, 2017 7:11am America/Phoenix
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You Will Be Taken Down
The scene picks up on a rooftop of a hotel in Dallas, Texas. It's late in the evening with the night sky quickly approaching. The camera pans in some more. Other landmark buildings surrounding the area can be clearly seen. Soon though a dark figure is picked up on the camera standing on the rooftop, looking outward at the sights below. It's a person dressed up in all black from head to toe, a dark cover up mask to shield off their identity. Then footsteps are heard and then seen approaching the person dressed in black. They turn slightly in the direction from which the sounds of the footsteps are coming from. The camera now shows the front of the dark dressed person up closer, and them turning their head to look out once more. The next person coming into the shot is none other than Rex McAllister. Rex is dressed up in his business attire complimented by his black overcoat. The temperatures have dipped quite a bit in the last few hours, so their breathing can be made out in the tiny clouds produced as they exhale. The camera focuses in on the masked person with Rex McAllister shown to the person's left. Rex looks out as well. His mood is calm on the outside. On the inside he's entirely focused on this weekend, his next match in the best of five series. A series that's yet to be hotly contested, but as he sets to act upon his intentions regardless of what may come in return. There's yet something more that he wishes to accomplish in addition.

Rex McAllister: You understand what your job is, why I've asked you to do this.

There's a very brief pause in between Rex's words. The masked person continues to look abroad from the rooftop only slightly turning their head in the direction from which Rex's voice is heard. Rex continues to look out as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: She is not to be harmed, there is no need for physical force. Just coercion. She's very fragile right now. I can't afford any mistakes at this point, none. 

Rex turns to the masked person now.

Rex McAllister: Or else, it'll be your career. 

The masked person looks down, remaining silent before turning their self, and making their leave through the door way that leads back down the stairwell of the building. Rex looks out now. Nightfall is about here, and Rex is now alone, the way he wishes.

Rex McAllister: A bringer of pain. 

A small grin comes over Rex as he continues to look outward and abroad as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: I like that. The smell of agony and burning flesh filling the air. The slitting of throats, guts pouring out everywhere. Nothing but a stream of blood and tears running down the hills as the sole conqueror stands atop to take all the glory in the end. I like that indeed. It takes a certain kind of man with certain kinds of instruments to fight a war for as long as you have. Anyone that spends such a large amount of time on the battlefield would be deemed either a hero, or a lunatic.

Rex chuckles to himself.

Pay me no heed.

Continue building your walls to try and keep me out.

Rex turns now and takes a few paces to the left looking down as he does.

Rex McAllister: In your world the war ends here, doesn't it? In your world, your mind, you won't be conquered again. Not in front of them, your loving faithful, not again so soon you insist. Their unwavering faith tied together with the added incentive and motivation, in your world that's more than enough to see you through every time, isn't it? 

However it's reality that seems to paint a much different picture.

Rex looks up again outward and abroad. The night lights coming on little by little as the evening sky has faded now being replaced by complete darkness. Cars and small chatter can be heard coming from below.

Rex McAllister: A reality where you have shown weakness, proving to be quite beatable in more ways than one. Your emotions, they've made you far too vulnerable and predictable. I've taken you on a nice little journey in this reality, where we've seen you try to desperately do whatever it takes to put that lone spotlight on you just one more time, and each time you have, Tommy, it was me that has taken that spotlight and put it out just as you believe you will do to me. At Hall of Pain, your chance to take center stage one more time, the chance alone to finish the soon-to-be-champion, taken away. This past week with a chance to put me down for good, once again it was taken away. 

Was it foolish to give you too much power? Or was it in knowing with absolute certainty that I could take it all back at any point that I wished?

Rex turns back around on the rooftop and back toward the single light that shines down from above it. Once in that light, Rex looks at it with intense focus.

Rex McAllister: You have to ask yourself, Tommy, whose game are we really playing right now? I stand in the lone spotlight that you wish upon yourself. I've stood in this spot you wish to occupy for quite some time, that nobody has been able to take me out of for good. Do you believe you'll be the first? You've only earned a single battle in this war, and another of which I gifted you with, and rarely have you shown but mere glimpses of the conqueror you used to be. Those walls may have kept others out, but that was in the world you built that they willingly stepped into, and it's an easy illusion for anyone to fall prey to just as you have, the world of smokes and mirrors you now desperately are trying to create. 

But in reality those walls don't exist.

In this reality you cater to the every whim of every single die hard, Tommy, but who are they to you when they can't erase your mistakes or cover up your flaws? More importantly, who are you to them when you are being destroyed and buried six feet under? Will they here you cry out through all that muffling from underneath the dirt as I'm putting the final touches on your grave? These words I speak, they've killed the hopes and dreams of many before you no matter how big the name was or that of which they accomplished when they came knocking at the door of The Rex Master. 

Rex finally looks into the camera that had been panned in on him all along. His stoic look suggests he's waiting, biding his time until the next time they are to meet.

Rex McAllister: I've dictated everything you have done up to this point. Everything you've reacted to from your nonsensical emotional wounds you've inflicted upon yourself to the drastic change you've decided to make to your very being just to keep up in this little game we play. 

I'm the serpent that slithers through your mind as I please, just eating away little by little, piece by piece.

The noose that's being tightened around your neck, I can assure you it's no trick on your mind.

You are coming down.

You will fall again.

In this reality your walls tear down like paper when you realize I'm not everything you've been christened as; Mr. WWX, The Game. I don't need glowing seals of approval to help me sleep at night. I'm not the Game, I'm a game changer. I'm the thorn in your side, Tommy. With those walls torn down, you're exposed for what it is that you really are?

You're no bringer of pain, not anymore you're not.

You're barely worthy.

A small hint of a smile comes over Rex now as he extends his harms out to his sides.

Rex McAllister: Soon your fate will be sealed, Tommy. Two men will fight for a cause. Two men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Only one will live on to tell about it. You can't escape your fate, Tommy, because...I am coming. I guarantee it. Now that...was...rexcellent.

Rex stares deeply into the camera, and then starts toward the camera, continuing right past it and opens the door, disappearing into the shadows as the scene fades.


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