You Will Fall

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Thu, Nov30, 2017 12:07am America/Phoenix
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You Will Fall
The scene opens up with Xavier leaving a gym sweating from obviously finishing up his training regimen. He gets into his car and drives off, all the while thinking about his upcoming match with current TV Champ Fozzy Ozbourne.

XAVIER: So Fozzy continues to underestimate me and insist that he's going to mop the floor with me since according to him, he beat both Beatrice and Damian. He also stated that he was going to humble me. Does he honestly think that he's going to downright beat me just because he's the current TV Champ? Is that it? I think him being the TV champ has him thinking that he's invincible and he can't be touched or he can't lose. Come time for Ravage, he will find out quick, fast and in a hurry that not only is it possible, but more possible than he thinks or wants me to believe.

Xavier pulls into a McDonald's Drive Thru and orders some food. About 5 minutes later, Xavier gets back on the road. Before he resumes his thoughts, his cell phone rings.

XAVIER: Pendragon.

BEATRICE: Hey baby. You on your way to San Antonio?

XAVIER: Yeah. Just finished my last workout in Gadsden not too long ago and having some last minute thoughts before my match with Fozzy.

BEATRICE: Oh, the little s**t still thinks that he can beat you in singles competition because him AND Krimzon Blaze beat me Super Bacon in the tag team tumoil tourny match. Someone REALLY needs to shut him up.

XAVIER: I agree and it's going to be me.

BEATRICE: I know you will baby.

XAVIER: Is Damian there with you?

BEATRICE: I haven't been able to get a hold of him yet but last I talked to him he said he would be here.

XAVIER: Alright. I'll give him a call in a little bit and have him meet you there.

BEATRICE: Okay baby. I already have our hotel room and whatnot.

XAVIER: I should be there in about 8 hours or so. Just went through Meridian and coming up on Jackson. Talk to you in a bit.

Xavier then hangs up the phone.

XAVIER: At Ravage, Fozzy Ozbourne faces me in a non-title match. He can say what he wants about me not accepting his little so-called challenge but why would I go for a championship I have already acquired once when I'm basically knocking on the door of a much bigger prize? That's like me taking 2 steps back in my legendary career which that s**t ain't happening. When that bell rings to start the match, I will be the pitbull that attacks with reckless abandon and precise percision tht will not let up on him until that bell sounds to end the match. Fozzy will fall by my hands.

scene fades

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