You will regret this

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Thu, Oct19, 2017 8:30pm America/Phoenix
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You will regret this
The camera opens to the outside of Jake Devine's Los Angeles house, currently under renovations. Jake is seen leaving his prized Ferrari California and entering the house. The camera follows him, as Jake stomps through the living room, and sits on the couch. He's furious.

Jake: It seems like the WWX is pulling a god damn prank on me. And it's not funny. First, the remove me from the god damn World division rankings. Then, they send in a joke of a contract, that places me in the TELEVISION DIVISION. And now, they pair me with *BLEEP*-ING KORATH, THE MAN WHO WON THE WORLD SERIES MATCH. THIS IS ALL A LOAD OF *10 seconds of curse words follow. Please join the WWX Network to see WWX content uncensored*

Jake lets out a frustrated sigh. He brings a hand to his temple, and stays silent for a moment. He then looks back at the camera, calmer than before.

Jake: This is unacceptable. Out of all the people they could pair me with...Korath. Hell, I'd take Steen over him right now. Yeah, it's that bad. And it makes me feel like the WWX doesn't respect me a single bit. Whatever. My contract is expiring soon. I won't have to care anymore, soon enough. But for now, I have a tag team match, with Korath, against 420. Let me start by saying that I refuse to work with nordic apeman. I was never fond of that jackass. And now, given what happened at World Series, I have yet more reasons to dislike him. He took my win. He took my match at Hall of Pain. And now, I have to carry him around. Don't even bother showing up. I will take on these potheads all by myself.

Jake turns on the TV,  and puts on some cartoons. He lays back on the couch, and opens a bag of chips.

Jake: Now, with that said, 420. My very first match here was against them, and The Insurgence. That was 3 years ago. It's only fitting that my last match will also be against them. I've seen them before. I know how hard then can hit. And I will take them on by myself. So of course I'm not underestimating them. Actually forget it. I'll underestimate them all I want. They haven't been relevant for a long time. Why should I care? They have yet to speak for this, too, if they're not going to take themselves seriously, I don't think I should. This will be quick, and a good last match for me. I will come out strong, and the board of directors will pay for not taking me seriously.

Jake turns his head to look at the camera one more time.

Jake: That was a big mistake.

The camera fades to black.

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