Your New Heir of WWX

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Mon, May15, 2017 6:00am America/Phoenix
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Your New Heir of WWX
[Tom Black is sat in a rocking chair. He has a child's nursery book with the wrestler King Richard on it and there is a lit fireplace behind him, it is very cosy.]

Tom Black: Hello children, welcome to story time with the Dark One! Today, I am going to be reading you, "The Tale of King Richard"! Now doesn't that sound exciting?

[He puts on a false smile as he turns the pages of the book.]

Tom Black: Once upon a time, in the fantastical realm of WWX, there was a man called Tom Black! He was a very good fighter,

[He turns the page]

Tom Black: He beat his enemies, and eventually got in the tag team division. But one day, a man named King Richard came to Ravage town!

[He turns the page, almost with sincere happiness.]

Tom Black: You see children, King Richard thought he was the fairest in all the land! But, one day Tom Black came, and they had an argument.

[He turns the page again.]

Tom Black: You see, he thought he was the king, and so did all his loyal fans, but in the end, he knew that all king's reign must eventually come to an end.

[The page is turned once more.]

Tom Black: This particular king's reign, was one match. Who's match was this? It was a match with on other, than Tom Black!

[As he turns the page, you can now see that the book is almost over.]

Tom Black: He got into the ring. But then, he found out that his reign wasn't true, it was actually the Dark Reign, that was supreme!

[He turns one of the last pages in the book]

Tom Black: So, what did The Dark One decree once he beat this self proclaimed, "King"? Well, he didn't do anything, because King Richard is a nobody!

[He vigorously slams the book shut.]

Tom Black: You know, WWX, that story wasn't half bad! Because this story is reality! Not the dream world in which King Richard lives in. In WWX, there is no kingdom, there is no king, there is The Dark One, and only the Dark One. I've said this to Rob Bacon as well! And what happened to him? He lost a title opportunity to Polaris and me! So once again, I say to my opponent, go back to your colouring book kid!

[He blows out the fire behind him and you are delved into silence, and darkness...]

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