You're free to love again

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, May10, 2017 6:04pm America/Phoenix
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You're free to love again
(Scene opens up with a wide shot of the Las Vegas strip on a sunny afternoon. Scene cuts to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where the WWX is hosting a pre-Ravage kickoff event. Select fans and media personnel can be seen interacting with WWX Superstars. Camera then cuts to WWX reporter Chris Sanders standing next to WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Steen is wearing his trademark sunglasses as he admires the WWX Television Championship belt sitting on his shoulder with a satisfied grin on his face.)

Sanders: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Chris Sanders here, coming to you live from the WWX Ravage pre-show kickoff party at the MGM Grand hotel and casino. I'm standing by with the new WWX Television Champion, Willie Steen. Willie, congrats on the win. How does it feel to be a champion, once again?

(Steen lowers the belt from his shoulder and admires it in his hands. His jovial smile beams from ear to ear as he holds up the belt up in the air.)

Steen: Do you see this, Chris?

(Steen shoves the belt right up into Sanders face)

Steen: Do you see it? This is justice being served. This is right prevailing over wrong. This belt perseverance, determination and iron will, etched into  a nameplate that reads, ďWillie Steen: WWX Television ChampionĒ.

(Lowers the belt away from Sandersí face)

Sanders: I can see you are very pleased with your recent victory

Steen: Of course, Iím excited. I am a four-time TV champion and at Ravage, when I walk into the MGM Grand Arena, Iíll be welcomed with praise and adulation as the beloved conquering hero that the fans have waited so long for.

(Sanders looks at Steen with a skeptical look on his face.)

Sanders: You know, Willie, youíve had some very harsh, inflammatory words for the WWX fans in recent weeks. Do you really think that they will just accept you back into their good graces, just like that?

Steen: Listen, I know thereís been some tension between the fans and me, lately. But you know what? I understand it now. Iíll admit, at first, I was disgusted with their betrayal. After all, I give them so much, expecting nothing in return. But the thing is, at the end of the day, all that matters in the WWX is winning. And for a while, I wasnít doing that. And that's the problem. You see, the fans, they're all losers. And they need to seek out winners to pin their hopes and dreams onto. And during that brief time when I wasn't winning, these poor, simple-minded fools didn't know how to react. So they booed. 

(Steen holds up the belt and smiles)

Steen: But now that I have this, everything is awesome again. The Cool Factor is champion. Which means that the fans are free to once again worship and adore their beloved hero. 

Sanders: Ok, but . . .

Steen: Look, I get it. There's been a lot of tension lately. It's been kinda heated. I know. But it's ok now. I'm not mad anymore. Honest. The Xsistence is welcome to cheer me and love me once again. In fact, I'm dedicating my victory over Darkness at Ravage to all of the fans and little people out there. Captain Cool has returned. And he is ready to be your hero once again.

(Steen flashes a toothy grin at the camera and gives a thumbs up before turning and walking away. Sanders looks at the camera and shrugs his shoulders as the scene fades to black.)

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