You're Not the Only One...

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Thu, Mar15, 2018 12:08am America/Phoenix
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You're Not the Only One...
???: "I should be happy to have even had the opportunity to even hold the World title in the first place"?, "I will never get to hold the World title again"? but yet you say say you're not underestimating me. Tommy, not only are you heavily underestimating me, your basically talking down what I can do in the ring...which will come back to haunt you in the end Lipton and you know it.

Xavier comes into camera range, apparently sweating from a workout.

XAVIER: Lipton, why do you insist on proclaiming that you're the only one who is capable of being the one and only person worthy enough to hold the Undisputed World Title. Let's clear the air and set the record straight: one of the main reasons why you even hold that title right now is because you constantly whining and complaining to Ranger about how you should be the only one and true champion. Then you say "It takes a real man to be your Champion and that can only be the One and Only". That overconfidence will be your undoing. While you parade around and try to talk up the crowd like you're the one and only person and a real man who could only be the World Champion, I've constantly been in training sessions. 

Xavier moves out of camera view. As the camera tries to pick up on Xavier's movement, it stops suddenly.

XAVIER: You stay right where you are. Be thankful Beatrice even let you in here in the first place.

CAMERAMAN: Y-y-y-yes sir.

XAVIER: Though it is a World Champion's job to be at the ready for any challenge and any and all challengers, you Tommy Lipton are clearly not thinking about me. In fact, you're thinking past me, automatically assuming that I'm just going to lay down for you and pick up an easy over me while continuing to boast your over-inflated ego. You keep talking about how you're going to walk out of Armada with the Undisputed title around your waist but I wonder how that's going to be possible if you're not there defending the title in the first place? Times change and people change. I did not become a champion just by sitting idly by and twiddle my thumbs while complaining to Ranger demanding he give you a title shot and then try to throw salt on the wound in saying I shouldn't concern myself with Blade. You can talk about how I will never become World Champion again until you're blue in the face. Should you become blue in the face from trying to convince me I won't regain the title again, I'll just simply kick you down and turn your face a brighter shade of red as I stand over you with my hand raised in victory and the World title back around my waist. And why do you say I should've taken my time to prepare for a rematch instead of diving in head first, eh? I know exactly why you said that- you don't wanna face me because of the fact I have the drive to put you down and would rather find someone else you think you could easily beat. Tommy Lipton, come Ravage, "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon is coming for you and the WWX Undisputed World Championship. I will humble you Tommy Lipton, so when you're looking up at the lights wondering "why" and "how", just know that you're NOT the only one who is capable of leading the WWX into the next area. There is another one who is capable of doing so..and that me. See you at Ravage...Lipton.

scene fades

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