You're Too Quiet

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Tue, May30, 2017 12:58am America/Phoenix
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You're Too Quiet
*Hex Girl is sillouetted reclined in the crook of the old tree just off from the old Busthead General Store. She looks very relaxed up as she watches the sunset. The camera approaches bringing her more in focus and less backlit. When she starts to speak it's obvious that she's not making her usual effort to suppress her southern accent.*

HG: SGT. Clements, I'd call ya Dixie, but an old boyfriend of mine had a beagle named Dixie and I'd rather not confuse the two of ya. I've tried to be polite, give ya room to talk and introduce yerself seein' as how this is your big debut. But you're about as tight-lipped as a librarian sucking on a lemon. Which is odd for a Texan if ya ask me. 

*Hex Girl raises up from her reclined position faces the camera.*

HG: We got Virginia v. Texas in this match up. It's the land of 'Hey Y'all Watch This!' v. 'Somebody Hold My Beer.' And with someone boasting a worldwide record like yours I should have been hearing you bragging all week about how you were going to make me into Pixie-burger or something. Instead all I get are crickets. Don't get me wrong crickets are great fish bait and on a summer evening will sing ya to sleep but not what I need to be hearing from the direction of my opponent. 

*She gets up and starts twirling through the branches in the fading light*

HG: Now I'm bettin that you think that you're gonna storm in all big and bad ass with you're nightstick and bing, bang, boom win the match against little Hexy. I hate to break it to ya but you're wrong on that darlin. Ya see I tend to escalate things rather quickly. You hit me, I punch you 5 times in the face. You pull your nightstick, I show you what I keep in my yellow duffle bag; pro tip it's not my water bottle. Beyond that and well legal makes me sign a document before every show promising that I won't cripple, maim or kill my opponents. Other obstacles you face when getting in the ring with me are for one I'm slicker than snot on a door handle. So you might be stronger than me but it don't mean shit if you can't grab a hold of me. And two I'm tough as hell to keep down, the last few times I've lost a match my opponent has had to KO me to get me to stay down for the 3 count. 

*She settles back down in the crook of the tree*

HG: Tonight I'm leaving for Alabama where I'm destined to engage in an old fashioned southern asswhoopin that's gonna leave someone with a mudhole stomped in 'em. I'll see you in Birmingham Sgt. Clements. As for now I've already burned the incense and said my payers to mother earth. Fiat voluntas mea.

*The camera cuts to Hex Girl's logo which fades to the WWX logo befor cutting to black*

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