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(A camera clicks to life in what appears to be an athletic park of some kind. In the distance, people are visible jogging or walking their dogs. The camera is turned so itís pointed at a brick wall with a square painted on it in something of a ramshackle handball court. The paint is fresh and there is no littler about, so it appears well maintained.

Finally the camera seems to come to rest on the ground neat a black Gym bag, and Kurtis Ray appears on screen. He grins and waves at the camera, producing a rubber baseball and a glove from the bag. He slides the glove on to his hand, testing the fit before taking a couple of practice throws, catching the rebounding ball easily.)

KURTIS: Bull in a china shop, huh? Acting like a man with something to prove, am I? Always behind you. Focused on beating you to a pulp. All things youíre positioning as negatives. And you know, youíre right. I have been preoccupied, and that led to me making some missteps. But letís not forget something here, Syndicate. All you have proven lately in the ring with me is that you canít beat me without an assist. When you and me and Rayne faced off for the title a few weeks ago, Darkness was the one that made sure you kept the title. At Holiday Hell, Darkness made sure you kept the title when I had you practically beat THREE different times and you put up NOTHING. Our last solo dance, I knocked your teeth into the back of your head and beat you without putting up much of a fight.

(Kurtis chuckles to himself, tossing the ball at the wall and catching it when it bounces back.)

KURTIS: Iím not out to prove anything to you. Youíve been in front of me so far. Youíre the person whoís been at or near the top of the company since Iíve been here, and thatís the only reason Iíve paid you any heed. Thatís the reason I got involved in the Agencyís match against Willie Steen back around when I started that led to my terrible relationship with my former tag team partner. Thatís why I fought my way through a ring you yourself called the Ring of Death at World Series. Thatís why I beat you for the World Title at Aftershock. All this time, all that stuff I said about you, it was all in pursuit of something that had nothing to do with you.

(Kurtis tosses the ball again, diving to catch it as it bounces back and rolling to his feet.)

KURTIS: You said you donít respect me. I can understand why youíd say that, but I donít think itís entirely true. I donít need your respect. I donít need you to acknowledge me. I donít need you to like me. But you will have to face some facts here. The fans get behind me. When it comes to you and me, youíre not the hero this time, sunshine boy. When it comes to Kurtis Ray and Syndicate the only chance you stand is to be underhanded and play the villain. You come up with your little plans to get rid of me but it never quite pans out cause just when you think youíre safe, just when you think Iím goneÖ. There I am.

(Kurtis rolls his shoulders and stretched before tossing another leisurely toss. The baseball hits the brick wall and bounces odd, but Kurtis still barely manages to make the catch, falling to the ground, he stands up and dusts him off, looking momentarily embarrassed.)

KURTIS: Yes Iíve had missteps. And yes Iíll have more. But all you have done and all youíll continue to do is prove Iím that one, solitary obstacle you just canít quite overcome. And I know it pisses you off. I know it pisses you off because it amuses me. The Crusade Cup is going to be no different; if you do walk away the winner in our encounter itís not going to be because you beat me on your own. Itís going to be because you came up with some convoluted plan to make sure you get what you want. Darkness is ďbannedĒ from ringside, but Iím sure youíll have figured out a way to get around that.

(Kurtis sighs, tossing the baseball up in the air idly, looking off at nothing. Finally he allows it to drop, sliding the glove off his other hand and dropping it into his bag, producing a water bottle instead and taking a seat.)

KURTIS: After chirping like that on Syndicate I guess thatís hard to follow up, right? But at Aftershock thereís another pair of jokers I have to be prepared for. And I know theyíre people I have to take seriously because theyíre both in position for a main event match. Neither of them has said anything so far, so itís a little hard to trash talk people who donít seem to want to participate, so maybe we go a different route.

(Kurtis pops open the water bottle and takes a drink, looking pensive for a moment.)

KURTIS: Jarvis Valentine. I said it before, you got potential. But potential is not a guaranteed thing. When we talk about physics,  potential is the energy something is capable of using. But potential may or may not be realized. Either you flare into life and are consumed by that potential or nothing ever really comes of it and you sit there, inert and useless. For what itís worth, I hope we see the start of your blaze of glory. Your fifteen minutes of fame. So far Iím a little bit disappointed. Now Iím not going to tell you I can beat you, because you know that. Iím not going to threaten you, or even warn you for what you need to expect. I recommend you prepare as best you can and that you take Jake Devine seriously, because when you don; we end up with Jake Devine winning the TV title that Tanno never actually gives him, and thatís just bad television.

(Kurtis reaches into his bag and produces a pack of cigarettes, one of which he promptly liberates. He produces a lighter next, lighting up and taking a long pull.)

KURTIS: Jake, whatís more to be said? I didnít like you when you were Syndicateís lackey. Now youíre boring, and Tannoís gonna try to screw you out of your match anyway. That said, I wouldnít mind facing off against you because it would make for a nice easy end to my night. Youíre not a bad wrestler. When you take it seriously, youíre a decent midcard fixture. But I donít know if youíre main event caliber. Youíre only where you are cause of Hex Girl, right? So I suspect youíre probably bewildered. Try not to get too dazzled by the bright lights, okay?

(Kurtis raises to his feed, brushing dust off the back of his track pants.)

KURTIS: Aftershock is gonna be a hell of a night, boys. One of us moves gets a title shot and a shot in the arm as the Crusade Cup champion. Three of us get to slink away. Dejected cause we didnít measure up. Any way you tear it, itís a night to make a hell of an impact or to make a lot of noise and no substance. Iím excited to see what you all do. Except for you, Syndicate. I know exactly what youíre capable of. Not gonna be any surprises there. See ya in the ring, boys.

(Kurtis collects his bag and the camera, holding it up near his face and flashing a thumbs up.)

KURTIS: All aboard.

(The camera clicks off.)

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