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On Thu, Aug24, 2017 6:54am America/Phoenix
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*Static ripples across the screen before turning into a shot of the San Diego Zoo's ticket booth.  The booth, which features the words "SAN DIEGO ZOO" on top surrounded by various animals, is deserted, as the zoo is not open yet at the time of filming.  As such, all of the windows at the ticket booth are shuttered and the lights are off.*

???: I hate animals with a passion.

*The camera pans to the left to reveal Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, leaning up against one of the many shuttered windows.  He is dressed in a black WWX-branded hoodie with the hood pulled up, along with a white t-shirt underneath and worn-down blue jeans.  The champion has a black Nike backpack leaning against the building as well.*

Syndicate: I mean, just think about it: they're exponentially less intelligent than us humans, they live to eat and sleep and shit and |BLEEP| all day long, It must be incredibly boring, especially when they're in captivity like they are here.

*He chuckles.*

Syndicate: BUT...even if I don't enjoy being around these creatures, we do share something in common.  Animals eat and sleep all day because they don't care what brand dress the other is wearing, nor do they give two flying |BLEEP|s about politics or religion or the Internet.  No, these animals are preoccupied with something a bit more important: survival.

*Syndicate stands up from the wall, straps his backpack to his shoulders, and begins meandering away from the wall.*

Syndicate: I've talked at length about my affinity to "survive" matches instead of "winning" them.  But I think it's worth mentioning again given that this week's Fury is emanating from the home of one of the world's most famous zoos.  So, here I am.  But I don't want to beat around the bush any longer.  Let's address...

*As Syndicate walks, he passes a gigantic hedge cut in the shape of one of the zoo's elephants.*

SyndicatE: ...the elephant in the room.  Krimzon Blaze, you beat me last week.  Even if the win was disputed, you did get my shoulders on the mat.  That's commendable.  But it was also a fluke.  You may be a great wrestler and you sure are worthy of contending for my World title...but you're not on my level.  We both know that.

*He continues walking towards the parking lot of the Zoo.*

Syndicate: I am the greatest professional wrestler alive today, and I don't settle for second place.  Oh, no.  The Undisputed World title is my lifeblood; I get up at 4 in the morning, every morning, for this.  I come to work and defeat legends for this.  I work through injuries and get verbally berated week after week for this.  And that's not going to change, regardless of what you profess, Krimzon.  No, the Undisputed World Championship is staying firmly within my grasp.

Syndicate: Like I said before that total eclipse the other day, one victory does not make a champion.  No, Krimzon, you have to defeat me three times in a row.  How does it feel to face a task such as that?  I would be quaking in my |BLEEP|ing boots if I were you.  That's compounded by the fact that I do extraordinarily well immediately after losing.  Remember the last time I lost a match?  Aftershock 2017 in February?  I followed that up with a six-month win streak.  Before that?  I was riding a three-month wave.  I don't lose often, Krimzon, and I DEFINITELY don't lose twice in a row.  But three times?  Three times is just impossible.  But yet, here you are, ready to try.  I give you props for that.  But no amount of props in the world is going to save your title chances.

*Syndicate reaches his red 2008 Hyundai Elantra, the only car in the lot.  He leans against its driver-side door, continuing to speak.*

Syndicate: You profess that all you need is "one opportunity" to be the best again.  But that simply isn't true.  You need a BEVY of opportunities to achieve that goal.  Not only that, you need to win every single one of them.  But me?  I'M the guy that only needs one shot.  Specifically, one No Signal to you, and your title hopes come crashing down.  How does that feel, Krimzon, knowing that you have such an uphill climb while all I need to take is one step?  Maybe if you would have been in the title hunt for the past number of years, you wouldn't be facing this issue, but here we are.

*He stares directly at the camera.*

Syndicate: This week on Fury, I will walk into the Valley View Casino Center here in San Diego as champion, but I'll still have something to prove, as I always do.  I'll be there to cement my legacy as the greatest professional wrestler alive today, secure my future by eliminating a viable challenger, and beginning another six-month win streak.  Until then, Krimzon Blaze, I hope you have a safe week in San Diego...but watch out for those animals.  I don't think they like fire all that much.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate opens the driver-side door and enters the Hyundai as the shot turns back into static.*


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